Gmail / Google Docs May 3rd Phishing attack

Saskatoon IT Security - Gdoc Phishing

Most users of email these days are aware to watch out for suspicious emails, for emails requesting personal information, for emails pretending to be your bank but a new highly successful attack was conducted on May 3rd 2017 and this time the attack came in the form of a Google Docs file being shared with you, it looked official, very official and when the recipients clicked the link to the Doc they were presented with the phishers application appearing to be official requiring the user to enter their google docs username and password which they did granting the phishers application authorization to access the users google account.

Google Docs Phishing attack Saskatoon IT SecurityThere’s a lot of articles and news releases on this occurrence out there but probably the most straight forward and less sensationalized account of the attack is Google’s security post on the GoogleBlog which can be found hereĀ I highly recommend the read if you are concerned about your email security and staying informed on these issues.