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Professional IT Services in Saskatoon

Complete IT

Providing a full range of consultation and implementation services we are able to serve the small to medium business with all their IT needs

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We offer onsite and remote support

Competitive IT

Whether is a quick phone call and walk through, a remote login assistance session or an onsite visit we are ready and waiting to assist. In any business we understand that predictable budgeting is key which is why we offer maintenance contracts that roll unused time blocks forward while providing discounts on any additional service time should it be required

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Experienced from Home to Enterprise

Competent IT

Coming from over a decade of extensive and intensive experience in network administration and PC maintenance in Health, Enterprise and Small/Medium Business environments we're here to ensure things are done properly for you and your business.

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Industry, Professional, Federal Guidelines

Compliance IT

Compliance isn't something to take lightly, many professionals and small business owners we've encountered brush regulatory compliance aside, often because it's simply overwhelming and difficult to understand what is necessary and why - all of them leaving themselves open to mass liability concerns, we're here to help break it down into plain english and simple steps.

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Saskatoon based Professional IT

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We're here to help, to guide, to explain in terms that make sense to you and your staff what the issues, what needs to be done and why.

Compliant IT Services

Data Backup Solutions

We operate on a Secure 3-2-1 data backup principle meaning Min. 3 revisions, 2 Destinations, 1 Offsite to ensure your data's security in the event of disaster or malicious attack.

Technology Consultation

There seems to be a never ending array of new devices to be employed and deployed in your environment - which ones are stable, secure and of any real benefit to you, we're here to help you figure this out

Technological Direction

Tell us your goals, usage scenarios you'd like to grow into and we can help identify, analyse, prioritise and budget your IT goals

Dedicated Support

We maintain a limited client roster so as to be available to provide priority level response when you need us most

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